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From the outside

Built in a traditional style these three and two bedroom cottages are located in a mature green site just a short walk from Louisburgh village square. The holiday cottages are arranged on the site such as to allow privacy and space to each occupant while also being close enough should a larger group want to be together. Parking immediately outside each cottage is available for your convenience or if you have arrived by public transport the cottages are a very short distance from the drop-off point. They are also within walking distance of all amenities and beaches too.

From the inside

These cosy, traditional cottages offer three and two-bedroom options as well as a spacious main room, stone hearth with a stove or open fire and a fully equipped kitchen.

Three-bedroom cottages have an ensuite bathroom in the bedroom upstairs as well as a main bathroom downstairs. All bed linen is supplied and towels can be hired at a small extra charge.

All cottages come with complimentary Wi-Fi access.


Louisburgh Holiday Cottages use individual metering of both electricity and oil for each cottage for each stay. Therefore guests only pay for what they use. Not only is this a transparent billing system, it allows guests to reduce their energy consumption and enjoy the reward of paying less.
Long-life bulbs are being introduced to each cottage this summer; recycling of all waste is now standard and research into the long-term, sustainable heating options for the cottages is being undertaken. Join us on our journey to colour the cottages green.

How it all started

The process of building the Louisburgh Holiday Cottages started as far back as the 1960s with an idea that such a development was essential to attract visitors and events to Louisburgh. Other such developments had been approved at Tullycross and Ballycastle and this is what the newly formed board of Louisburgh Holidays wanted, nothing less.

Many struggles ensued as the local people and business owners pushed for permission, grant aid and recognition. They wanted to see Louisburgh promoted as a tourist destination and to have the accommodation to match.

The cottages were finally opened in 1981 in partnership with Mayo Co Council and Bord Failte. They were funded by both of these entities as well as hundreds of local people who paid to become shareholders. Shares have been passed down from parent to child over the decades and are rarely sold.


There is a strong local pride in the fact that this innovative idea came to fruition thanks to the efforts of the Louisburgh community. Curtains and bed linen were made by local dressmakers, painting was done by a team of eager locals; everyone, including the Parish Priest was ready to help to see them get off the ground.

The cottages, with their then distinctive thatched roofs, half doors and large stone hearths were one of many such developments eventually built along the western seaboard. Today the Louisburgh Holiday Cottages are the last group of cottages to remain in operation for their original purpose.

They were sustained through recessions and a pandemic and never sold off by the community. The money that they bring in to the community stays in the area, and they are a hugely important source of guest accommodation in the area.

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