Step into Louisburgh, a quaint haven on the West Coast of Ireland, where culinary treasures
await your discovery. From charming cafés to delightful night-time diners and welcoming
pubs, this town is a culinary haven for those seeking a taste of authentic local flavours. Here
are just a few of what our little town has to offer

Daytime Delights:

1. Tia @ the Square – Café/Coffee Shop: Begin your day with a cup of warmth at Tia
@ the Square. This delightful café invites you to relax and savour the essence of
Louisburgh. (Opening hours: 10 am-3 pm)
2. Louisburgh 74, Chapel St – Café/Bistro: For a midday treat, head to Louisburgh 74
on Chapel St. A perfect blend of café comfort and bistro style awaits your palate.
(Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 9 am-4 pm)
3. McNamara’s Café, Chapel St – Café/Coffee Shop: Indulge in a coffee break at
McNamara’s Café. With its warm ambience, it's the ideal spot to recharge during your
Louisburgh explorations. (Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 am-4 pm)

Night-Time Indulgences:

1. Good Grazing, Chapel St – Diner with Takeaway: As the sun sets, experience the
culinary delights of Good Grazing. A diner with a takeaway option, offering a feast
for the senses. (Opening hours: Thursday, Saturday & Sunday 1 pm-9 pm, Monday &
Friday 4 pm-9 pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 4 pm-10 pm)
2. Tia by the River, Bridge St – Restaurant: Enhance your evening at Tia by the River,
where the restaurant experience is a celebration of culinary craftsmanship. (Opening
hours: Friday to Monday 4 pm-9 pm)
3. P Dans, Killadoon – Pub Serving Food: Venture a little further to P Dans in
Killadoon for a pub experience with delightful food offerings. A warm welcome
awaits. (Opening hours: Varied, check with the establishment)

Local Pubs:

1. McNamara’s Bar, Bridge St: McNamara’s Bar on Bridge St is a local watering hole,
inviting you to unwind with a drink in hand and a friendly atmosphere.
2. An Bhun Abhainn, Bridge St: Discover the warmth of An Bhun Abhainn, a
charming pub on Bridge St, where locals and visitors come together.
3. P Dans, Killadoon: P Dans in Killadoon offers a true Irish pub experience,
welcoming all who seek a taste of the local culture.

Louisburgh’s culinary scene is a delightful blend of daytime charm and night-time allure.
From morning coffees to evening feasts, and the conviviality of local pubs, the town invites
you to savour every moment. Explore these hidden gems and let your taste buds dance in the
heart of the West Coast.

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